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  • Constant Billy VIDEO CHANNEL!
    We now have a Constant Billy video channel at YouTube. We have lots of cool videos for your perusal, so check it out! Click here (takes you to YouTube) and enjoy!

  • Constant Billy music at CD Baby
    Go to the site and you can buy your fave CB songs individually or the entire CD!

  • Constant Billy tracks at AMAZON.COM!
    Go to the site and you can buy your fave CB songs individually!

    Come like us at our Facebook page!

  • Constant Billy in MOVIE SOUNDTRACK!
    Filmmaker David Mailman recently featured Constant Billy in the soundtrack to his new movie, "A Life of the Sea: the Jim Manzolillo Story." It's a fascinating look at the life story of the founder of the Houston Maritime Museum and closes with CB singing the old shanty "Santiano." On to Hollywood!

  • Constant Billy’s CD “LET ME IN”
    now for sale at Cactus Music in Houston!
    Following our performance at Cactus Music when we SOLD OUT of CDs, Cactus Music has started carrying our CDs full-time. Drop by what has been called "The last great record store in America" and check it out! 2110 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098 (713) 526-9272

  • RADIO!
    Emily & Bill co-host the “Irish Aires” radio show at Houston’s KPFT 90.1FM. It runs every Saturday evening from 6-7pm. If we’re off gigging somewhere, our pals Pete Little and Richard Tew are spinning the CDs. Mighty, mighty fine music. Check out the Irish Aires Facebook Page also.