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Music from Constant Billy's CD "Let Me In" is available NOW for download at Amazon, and CDs can be purchased at Cactus Records in Houston!

Produced by Constant Billy and engineered by Grammy-Award-Winner Steve Christensen, at legendary Sugar Hill Studios, the oldest and perhaps the very best recording studio in America!

"Constant Billy's Let Me In is a stunning musical achievement. By turns humorous, poignant, romantic, and rife with merriment, the Celtic treasures of this collection charm and entertain the listener with unforgettable power and musicianship. For many years, my wife and I have followed contemporary ensembles which keep the Celtic musical tradition startlingly alive, and none can match the freshness, vitality, and artistry of Constant Billy. " -Larry D. Thomas, Poet Laureate of Texas

"Let Me In, the long awaited CD by Constant Billy, that dynamic duo of Bill Galbraith & Emily Standish, is finally here! and worth the wait. 15 great tracks and about 45 minutes of wonderful music!" -Scottish Country Dancing and More

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Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?
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This lovely old Scottish song is a great testament to persistent devotion. It's also a fine example of the outrageous things a man will say to get inside his lady's bedroom.  

The Ballad of Johnny Collier
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A true story by the redoubtable Jez Lowe about an outlaw coal miner. The game was fixed from the start.

Love Is All Around
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Big hit for the Troggs back in '68. Emily pried it out of Bill's memory. Bill swears that love actually is all around.

Black Jack Davey
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You could fill a book with songs about the handsome gypsy who runs away with the beautiful lady. This particular version is an unusual hillbilly blues setting Emily put together after hearing a 1950s recording of Arkansas singer Mr. Wise Jones.

Mally Lee
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From common beaus to Bonnie Prince Charlie in the space of 3 minutes: the scandalous Mally Lee is the original social climber. Based on a true story.

The Trees They Do Grow High
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A tragic story of death in the wrong order. One of the most beloved of Scottish ballads.

"Let Me In"
is available NOW for download at Amazon, and CDs can also be purchased at Cactus Records in Houston!