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"The Greatest Celtic vocal group in Texas..."

" Constant Billy is without a doubt, the GREATEST CELTIC VOCAL GROUP IN TEXAS...and my favorite too! "
- Patrick Devlin of BLAGGARDS

" Constant Billy's Let Me In is a stunning musical achievement. By turns humorous, poignant, romantic, and rife with merriment, the Celtic treasures of this collection charm and entertain the listener with unforgettable power and musicianship. For many years, my wife and I have followed contemporary ensembles which keep the Celtic musical tradition startlingly alive, and none can match the freshness, vitality, and artistry of Constant Billy. "
- Larry D. Thomas, Poet Laureate of Texas

" Constant Billy, one of Houston's longest-standing and continuously-performing acts, preserves the tradition of timeless Celtic music deep in the heart of Texas. Their lively reels and jigs keep audiences toe tapping, hand clapping and hollering for more. But it is their songs- Irish, Scottish and English ballads and their own, self-penned originals that define them and their performances. The duo- Emily Standish and Bill Galbraith– manage to combine energy, precision and fun in a way that encourages audiences to join them in song.

Dedicated members of the Houston music community, Emily and Bill share their extensive knowledge of Celtic music as co-hosts on KPFT’S Irish Aires radio program. So, grab a pint and sing along to the rollicking melodies of Constant Billy! "
- Pete Little, KPFT Radio 90.1FM

"Though often lumped for convenience in the Celtic category, Houston's Constant Billy is more accurately described as pan-British folk. Irish, Scottish and Welsh tunes constitute just a fraction of their repertoire; they work in old English ballads and sea shanties as well. How many other Celtic bands have mastered tunes of the Channel Islands, those forgotten British bailiwicks off the coast of France known today only to the super-rich as tax havens? Bill Galbraith's hilarious between-songs banter can bring you out of the dumps of even the bloodiest Scots border ballad."
-John Nova Lomax, Music Editor, HOUSTON PRESS

"These guys are probably the best all-around-folk-a cappella singers in Houston, and they are veterans of several different groups."

" Let Me In, the long awaited CD by Constant Billy is finally here! And worth the wait. 15 great tracks and about 45 minutes of wonderful music. The songs while traditional are not the ones usually seen on Celtic albums. The CD showcases the incredible voice of Emily Standish, a powerful voice that conveys purity, wistfulness and beauty. My personal favorite is "Calon Lan" (The Shining Heart) which never fails to move me; it is sung in both Welsh and English. Bill's good humor and mellow baritone round out the selections. The cover art is a long shadow of Bill & Emily -appropriate since folk music coming down to us through the ages "casts a long shadow" as do Emily & Bill in Houston! And now the rest of the world can enjoy their music through this CD. "

"A new day has dawned. There's a new band in the neighborhood, Constant Billy. Featuring artists formerly of Furagh Larq and Nobody's Reel, this group brings to the stage an incredible, eclectic repertoire of intricate harmonies, fine instrumentals and stuff you just don't hear every day."

" Constant Billy wowed the crowd at the 3rd Annual Gathering of the Celts. Emily's voice is always compelling and Bill is very "constant" and talented in keeping the audience entertained. Bill's song about a songwriter's nightmare, a runaway creation, was a big hit and got a lot of laughs. Bill makes the story behind the song come alive in everything he sings. Their harmony together is a joy to listen to. "
-Dianna Shipman, Coordinator, GATHERING OF THE CELTS

" Maybe the old Witch of the Westmereland never had it so good. Texas band Constant Billy took that traditional Archie Fisher song, usually performed with a kind of slow majesty. ‘We picked up the tempo, put a swing beat behind it, and lightened the whole thing up a little’ says CB vocalist/strings-player Bill Galbraith.

Pop, classical, a cappella vocals and more flavour the sound of Constant Billy (the ironic name of a Morris Dance and song). They’re a flexible bunch. Lead vocalist Emily Standish, musically bred to symphonies and theatres, fills in with tin whistle, recorder and Bodhran. "
-Winnie Czulinski, CELTIC HERITAGE
" Constant Billy raises the bar for performers! Without the aid of a modern sound system, Bill and Emily gathered the audience at close quarters and charmed all present with their charm, wit and great musical talent. Constant Billy held their audience fascinated by their performance. Emily sang and played with the innocent sounds of angels while Bill’s sly lyrics and songs drew smiles from everyone. There are no finer two performers in Houston in their specialty. Constant Billy is a treasure for our city and hopefully their value and talent will be recognized by all who may ever hear them perform.”

" ...we stopped in Winedale and enjoyed their spring festival, especially the performance by Constant Billy; Emily Standish did an incredible rendition of a Welsh song called Shining Heart."

Constant Billy is a vibrant, talented and exciting group, well worth seeing in a live performance. I can't wait to get a copy of their first album."
-Tom Schwerdt, Celtic Core KEOS Radio